January 1, 2017

Add Beauty, Texture, and Elegance with Fabricoil®

Cascade Architectural’s Fabricoil® systems add beauty, texture, and elegance to hospitality, commercial, retail, and residential spaces. It reacts beautifully to light, and is flexible and formable. Fabricoil architectural coiled wire fabric systems are perfect for room dividers and partitions, window and ceiling treatments, wall cladding, wrapping columns, and more.

Made in the USA, Fabricoil is 100% recyclable and offered in a wide variety of weave sizes and finishes. Cascade Architectural can provide a custom-tailored solution based on your project specifications and desired look.

Our expert in-house design and engineering services support you with development of drawings and material specifications for your specific application to deliver the effects you want to achieve. We regularly provide recommendations for the appropriate metal, coating, and aesthetic fullness, and can advise you on structural support requirements, engineered attachment options, even lighting and motion considerations.

Cascade Architectural provides short lead times plus superior on-time delivery and can also provide onsite installation support, helping make your project as trouble-free as possible.

Discover how Fabricoil can help you transform an otherwise ordinary interior into a beautiful and engaging design statement. Learn more at www.fabricoil.com.

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