October 1, 2020

Aegean Teal Announced as Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Color of the Year is Aegean Teal, a harmonious and calming shade. Photography courtesy of Benjamin Moore. 

As manufacturers begin to reveal trend projections for 2021, designers, too, are looking ahead to new projects—cultivating inspirational palettes, textures, and shapes while reflecting on lessons learned this year. One event that often drives such decisions is the much-anticipated Color of the Year & Color Trends announcement by Benjamin Moore, North America’s leading paint manufacturer.

The warm yellow of Chestertown Buff HC-9 is part of the comforting and uplifting Color Trends 2021 palette. Photography courtesy of Benjamin Moore. 

Benjamin Moore revealed its Color of the Year 2021 as Aegean Teal 2136-40, a rich yet soothing hue, that offers versatility and casual elegance.  Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore’s director of color marketing & development, describes the color and the full Color Trends 2021 palette as having “a welcoming, lived-in quality that celebrates the connections and real moments that take place within the home.” Leaning into the notion of the home as a haven, Aegean Teal is designed to radiate wellbeing and encourage people to settle in. 

The bookshelf features the rich brown of Amazon Soil 2115-30 and pops of Rosy Peach 2089-20. Photography courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

Overall, the Color Trends 2021 palette celebrates life’s simple pleasures—the faded rumple of linen sheets is reflected in Foggy Morning 2106-70, a soft blush, and the warm shade of Rosy Peach 2089-20 brings to mind perfectly ripe fruits perched on a sundrenched windowsill. “Amid uncertainty, people yearn for stability,” explains Magno. “The colors we surround ourselves with can have a powerful impact on our emotions and wellbeing.” The palette’s harmonious hues work together, and stand on their own, creating a sense of comfort through color.

Neutral Muslin OC-12 coats the wall and Aegean Teal 2136-40 draws attention to the base of the daybed. Photography courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore’s vast variety of interior paints, including Aura with Color Lock® technology for everlasting rich shades, the easily cleanable Regal Select, and ben® formulated for quick touch-ups, enable designers to bring any vision to life. The brand’s Color Trends 2021 palette provides a solid starting point when it comes to completely revitalizing, or simply freshening up any interior—creating a harmonious and serene home.

The rich and sultry hue, Silhouette AF-655 adds contrast and depth to any room. Photography courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

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