December 15, 2017

Alessia Bettazzi and Pierluigi Percoco’s Whimsical Radiator for Brem

Parties. Fun. Happiness. Smiles. Do those words have you thinking about. . . radiators? As unlikely as it seems, such was Bettazzi + Percoco Architetti partners Alessia Bettazzi and Pierluigi Percoco’s train of thought in conceiving Cannuccia, a heating element for Brem. The name means straw, as in the bendy version.

Cannuccia. Photography by Davide Brembilla.

Multifunctional as a towel bar or a clothes hanger, the epoxy-coated steel tube comes in three lengths, 63, 69, and 75 inches, and can fasten together or stand alone. White is standard, with a choice of 80 specialty colors to tempt the palette. Adaptable for electric or steam heat.

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