April 27, 2017

All Together Now

Sleek conference tables make for engaging meetings.

Brandon Phillips’s M3 table with solid white-oak top and auto-urethaned steel base by Miles & May Furniture Works.

Jonathan Prestwich’s Techniq modular tables with MDF cores, laminate tops, plastic or solid-wood edges, and C-legs by Davis Furniture.

Mitch Bakker’s Saranac table with veneer top, solid wood apron and legs, and power ports by the Gunlocke Company.

Brandon Love’s Tau indoor/outdoor hub with marble top, powder-coated steel base, and optional recessed LEDs by Ordo Ab Chao Design.

Essentials tables in wood or composite surface with metal legs and integrated power and data system by Uhuru.

Bernard Tuohy’s Tryg table with wood top on base of cement-textured surfacing and integrated power and data by Tuohy Furniture Corporation.

Piergiorgio Cazzaniga’s Reverse modular tables with polyethylene bases, choice of top, and optional integrated power and data systems by Andreu World.

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