January 15, 2019

An NKBA Insider, Pulp Design Studios Predicts the Top Trends of 2019

Nationally-renowned interiors firm Pulp Design Studios offers their predictions for the biggest trends in 2019. Read on to learn what looks are coming into a style in a major way. 

Image courtesy of Pulp Design Studios.

Bold, Black Bathrooms

We love to inject a sense of adventure into our designs and this look is definitely not for the faint of heart. Particularly in powder rooms, people have been moving toward bolder looks, and nothing says drama like black walls!

Image courtesy of Pulp Design Studios.

Enclosed Wet Rooms

Clients want more and more of the amenities they experience at a world-class spa, and enclosing the tub and shower in a large wet room is one way to achieve that look. It also allows a designer to show off more sculptural tubs without worrying about spillage or floor-mounted hardware.

Image courtesy of Pulp Design Studios.

Muted Brights

We definitely see 2019 as the year of muted brights –colors that are highly saturated, but with a tint or shade that makes them more subdued, like this gorgeous blue we used in a winery project. Look for muted blues and greens to take the lead next year.

Image courtesy of Pulp Design Studios.

Acrylic Furniture

Of course there’s nothing “new” about acrylic furniture, but thanks to recent runway shows that showcased acrylic shoes, jewelry, and even capes, this is going to be an even hotter look in 2019. One thing acrylic has going for it is that it works with any style or color palette in a room.

Image courtesy of Pulp Design Studios.

Darker Countertops

As clients move away from the all-white kitchen trend, we’re definitely seeing an interest in darker counters in all materials. It’s a safe move for most people who want to add more color and depth to the kitchen design. Marble will never go out of style, but we’re seeing darker tones specified in that material, too.

The NKBA Insiders are a select group of design professionals chosen by the NKBA because of their thought leadership in a specific area of expertise that impacts the residential built environment. Carolina Gentry and Beth Dotolo are co-founders of Pulp Design Studios.

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