March 31, 2016

And-Either-Or Teams With Op.AL for Ecologically-Minded Installation in Texas

The Field Constructs Design Competition in Austin, Texas, was launched by ISSSStudio principal and founder Igor Siddiqui, design editor Catherine Gavin, and curator Rachel Adams as a challenge to emerging designers: Conceive an ecologically minded installation for a local landfill, albeit one transformed into the Circle Acres Nature Preserve. Stirred by that contradiction, And-Either-Or, a design firm, and Op.AL, a firm with a portfolio in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design, collaborated on Duck Blind in Plain Site.

The 50-square-foot pavilion was constructed of bricks, cut and fit together mosaic-style. On the interior, all were clad in high-contrast post-consumer recycled materials. Outside, a camouflage of raffia made the pavilion virtually un-detectable—except to the jury, which named the entry one of four winners.

Photography by Whit Preston.

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