December 5, 2018

Andreu World and Gensler Team Up On Timeless Soft Seating Collection

Photography courtesy of Andreu World.

Timeless is one of the design world’s most popular adjectives to ascribe to furnishings nowadays. When designers hear this word, they immediately want to know if the piece will command a presence in whatever space it occupies, if it will stand up against the ravages of time and use, and will it be a solid investment for clients. Developments in materials and manufacturing have made guarantees of durability and expense near uniform across the higher end of the furniture brand spectrum, so what the quest for a truly timeless piece really comes down to is aesthetics.

Aesthetics aren’t simply how something looks, though. We do live in a sensual, 3-D world. Concerns about how a body feels when interacting with a piece of furniture contributes to the search for a truly timeless piece. As design sectors continue to blur, prioritizing comfort and style become paramount when outfitting any kind of space that exudes timelessness.

Photography courtesy of Andreu World.

Andreu World, a storied brand celebrating over 60 years of design excellence, knows this better than anyone. That’s why they’ve teamed up with Gensler to offer a new vision of what a timeless product can be. The result is the Element collection.

Comprised of lounge chairs, two-seater, and three-seater options, Element pays homage to International Style but reinterprets it with contemporary styling language. Its form is architectonic without connoting heaviness, which is accomplished through minimal seaming in the upholstery and a discreet metal base. This metal base is offered in polished chrome, white, or black finish. The Element collection overall is offered in a wide range of textiles and leathers, as well as vibrant upholstery options for the backrest and armrest ribbons.

Photography courtesy of Andreu World.

When creating Element, designers at Andreu World and Gensler took ergonomics into serious consideration. This results in an optimized angle between Element’s seats and backrests. Additionally, its seats are made with a combination of foams of different densities and hardnesses. Overall, this results in an incredibly comfortable yet firm place to sit for long periods of time.

Element shows that to create something timeless, only the best can be considered. No wonder then that Andreu World and Gensler were the ones to bring it into the world. The next step? Transforming beautiful spaces into timeless ones with Element. 

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