October 1, 2020

Andreu World Unveils “Design for Re-Connection” Guide With Tips for Creating Safe Spaces

Pictured here, Andreu World’s Radial conference table stands out for its modularity and connectivity, which allows configurations with special table widths. Photography courtesy of Andreu World. 

To be a designer is to be a problem solver, and cooperation and collaboration are vital elements of the craft—turning artistic visions into design realities. Though the COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges, designers moved quickly to develop and implement solutions though virtual conversations with colleagues and clients. Taking the extra step, international design brand Andreu World recently created a guide to help designers and architects navigate our new socially distanced world, with expertly sourced sustainable design solutions and ideas for flexible space configurations.

 Dividers, such as the Lines collection, help establish different spaces and, available in multiple colors, allow for visual coherence. Photography courtesy of Andreu World. 

“People and professionals around the world are reorganizing their return to work; the adaptation of public and private spaces to the new normal is key at this time,” Jesús Llinares, CEO of Andreu World, says about the inspiration that prompted his team to develop the guide, “Design for Re-Connection.” Focusing on the evolution of workspace, home, restaurants, hotels, and outdoor design, Andreu World enlisted six designers from around the world to share their insights. Assessing factors such as social responsibility and wellbeing, “Design for Re-Connection” is a dependable resource for designers across the industry.

The Nuez collection, by Patricia Urquiola, with its iconic thermopolymer shell, available in 10 colors and 5 casters as part of the home office solutions that offers Andreu World, with seating and table with easy, effective disinfection and sustainable maintenance for any style and a home office solution. Photography courtesy of Andreu World. 

Andreu World’s guide also addresses the evolving nature of clean design, noting a shift from sustainable materials with long lifecycles to hygienic, clutter-free workstations that account for personal space. “Design for Re-Connection” also lays out effective products for creating safe, physically distance shared areas, like desk divisions with panels and screens acting as germ barriers, or large format meeting tables to reduce density. To ensure healthier spaces, Andreu World complies with the Healthcare Healthy interiors certification that guarantees safer built environments and a commitment to more sustainable equipment in hospital settings.

Large desks and paneled dividers for conference and collective tables as Lines new collection allow for people to spread out with physical barriers for extra protection. Photography courtesy of Andreu World. 

Taking into account the uptick in virtual conferences, Andreu World also maps out ways to transform office common areas into meeting alcoves and lounge furniture into productive office tools. “Perhaps, we should design more flexible spaces, adaptable to the different moments of our days,” contributes Patricia Urquiola. 

The Rap sofa is an excellent choice for waiting or lounge areas. Photography courtesy of Andreu World. 

The company’s Rap sofa, with table accessories and integrated USB ports, transforms from a couch into a flexible workspace enabling users to communicate remotely with charging stations for phones, tablets, and computers.

 “We will need more defined and expanded spaces and areas in offices,” says Design for Re-Connection contributor Alfredo Häberli and designer of the Dado sofa pictured here. Photography courtesy of Andreu World. 

Andreu World’s guide also includes renderings of transformed spaces. These graphics show “before” and “after” shots of common configurations adapted to meet the new requirements of conscious design.  For instance, when the need is physical distancing, the implication is design that’s oriented to create individual safe spaces. One proposal allows for different walking paths throughout a room using the brand’s modular Dado sofa, which allows for multiple combinations with corner and central modules, chaise lounges, and footrests in different colors, sizes, and depths.

The Hula stools are designed with keen attention paid to the symmetry between the base and seat. Photography courtesy of Andreu World.

As project contributor and Hulas barstool designer Benjamin Hubert says: “We believe that a great deal of creativity and design is a route to establishing a more positive future.” The creation of exterior spaces and the incorporation of biophilia to increase the connection with the natural world join the request for these new outdoor spaces where the choice of versatile and flexible furniture, resistant to outdoor use and easy cleaning, prevails.

Sand sofas, Sand Table side table, Sit chairs and Plaza table base from Andreu WorldOutdoor collections. Photography by Andreu World. 
Interiors of an office with Smile 100% sustainable FSC® Smile barstools,  100% recyclable, designed so that the materials it’s comprised of can be easily separated: shell, foam, fabric, wood and aluminum base. Photography courtesy of Andreu World.

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