April 24, 2020

Angel Sanchez and Christopher Coleman Join for a Cindy Chat

To cap off this week, Friday’s Cindy Chat guest was none other than dynamic duo Angel Sanchez and Christopher Coleman. The pair, in matching black T-shirts, joined from Delray Beach, Florida. They have been together for over 20 years while their businesses, Sanchez + Coleman Studio and Angel Sanchez‘s line of haute couture, continue to influence and inspire each other. 

Right before going into quarantine, the two were working on a mid-century house for a year and are now isolating in their new home, surrounded by lush forest green. Coleman spends his day working in the kitchen while Sanchez sticks to his office. With all the new technology and ways of using it that have emerged recently, it is the selfie stick that Coleman never thought he’d have to use. “I think this time has put everyone’s feet on the ground,” Coleman said, grateful for their neighbors and communities that have come together stronger than before. 

“I’m really connecting with the clients and projects,” Sanchez adds, noting ongoing projects from Miami, Florida to Lima, Peru. Allen posited ways client/designer relationships could change post COVID-19, with folks no longer flying across the globe for one meeting and opting instead to talk over Zoom, for example. Nevertheless, the global focus remains strong in the design industry—Coleman wants to support Italian designers and products, especially now. 

While the two are more known for urban projects, their home draws heavily on nature, full of plants and greenery. Coleman joked about moving past his childhood-lawn-mowing woes, pointing out more and more landscaping is becoming a key part of his designs. Deciding to seize the moment, Coleman and Sanchez gave a real-time tour of their place during the chat. They showed off their furniture, but the garden they’ve cultivated in the backyard really stole the show. Ferns, palm trees, and green grass galore! 

Sanchez, meanwhile, is still working on couture and custom orders, now with a more sustainable focus. Wearing sunglasses that he designed himself, Sanchez spoke about how all the custom wedding gowns he’s done won’t be worn until much later than anticipated. Unfortunately, wedding season has been postponed, though Coleman and Sanchez are keeping the sentiment alive as each other’s muses. 

Working in design has taught Coleman that “there’s room for everybody.” Everyone can learn and help each other, working together in every capacity. Then his designer-mind kicked in: “What we learn from this is how important home is now,” he said, pondering the demand for more defined areas and elevated home offices in the future. In parting for the weekend, the three reminded everyone to be good neighbors. 

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