March 1, 2017

Another Dimension

Texture takes textiles to a higher plane.

Channeled Texture acrylic-polyesters by Valley Forge Fabrics.

Natural Selections: Belize flame-retardant polyesters by Samelson-Chatelane.

Seaboard in Cape handcrafted wall covering with water-lily fiber on paper backing by Hartmann & Forbes.

Royal resin surfacing in gold/white/black by Kinon Surface Design.

Bellevue, Gloucester, and Southgate wools; Burlington polyester-acrylic blend; and Hampstead polyester by Architex.

Cambria vinyl wall covering with Osnaburg backing by Innovations.

Artis Wall reclaimed barn siding in Original by Waddell Mfg.

Tidal Shore handwoven natural-fiber shade fabrics by Conrad Shades.

Casa del Cielo collection baby alpaca bouclé by Sandra Jordan Prima Alpaca.

Erosion wall covering in burlap, metallic leaf, and paint with nonwoven backing by Vahallan.

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