May 3, 2016

Arc-Com Rapidly Expands Digitally Printed Vinyl Line with Spin

The Arc-Com design studio generates excitement surrounding its rapidly expanding digitally printed vinyl line with the addition of pattern Spin.

Pattern Spins strategic color placement within its circular framework creates a calming sense of movement. The brightly colored accents seem to gently rotate clockwise and counterclockwise in this dynamic, mid scale, multicolored geometric. The flowing but fragmented framework allows for the exploration of stunningly beautiful color relationships. A subtle horizontal textured overlay adds both dimension and visual interest to this modern design.

The palette for pattern Spin was created to address current healthcare color trends. Pattern Spins 13 sku palette includes fresh blues and greens, rich earth tones, a range of both light and dark neutrals as well as a bright primary (perfect for pediatrics!).

Designers searching for high performance coupled with high style are sure to be magnetically drawn to pattern Spin!

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