June 15, 2017

Arch Products Roundup: Full Frontal

Exterior elements make a major first impression.

1. Fabrik steel framework system with terra-cotta inserts by Shildan

2. Houdini low-iron textured channel glass by Bendheim

3. Madras Punto xl-n Cristalli light-transmitting glass in blue by Vitrealspecchi

4. Laser-Cut Metal Collection aluminum sheets by Móz Designs.

5. Atelier Domingue doors in steel and glass by Chateau Domingue.

6. Glass panels laminated with 3M dichroic film by Andrew Pearson.

7. Scenescape Architect series patio doors in wood with aluminum cladding by Pella.

8. Lightben Kaos 3D black-silver mirror in polycarbonate and acrylic by Bencore

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