September 1, 2020

Architex and HDR Redefine High-Performance Textiles with Latest Collaboration

Billow, a loose herringbone inspired by ocean bubbles, and Shower, a playful starburst pattern, are two textiles in the Architex x HDR Remedé line. Photography courtesy of Architex and HDR

As summer winds down, designers are seeking ways to capture the feeling of calm that follows a day at the beach. But striking patterns and colors are just one element of the equation—now residential and commercial designers alike must take into account a product’s ability to withstand harsh cleaning agents when specifying for multi-use interiors, particularly when it comes to textiles. The newest iteration of the popular Remedé collection by leading contract textile manufacturer Architex Fabrics and architectural firm HDR, offers an ideal solution, melding durability and style. 

“The Architex x HDR partnership began two decades ago with a singular goal in mind: create sustainable, performance textiles that can withstand the high-traffic and cleaning protocol of a healthcare facility all while maintaining timeless and beautiful patterns fit for any venue,” says Lauren Williams, VP of product development and marketing at Architex Fabrics. The sea-inspired collection, woven in 100% solution-dyed nylon and powered by Alta Healthcare performance with 67 colorways, includes fresh palettes for longtime favorites: Billow, an imaginative take on trailing ocean bubbles against loose herringbone, Seabed, which features geometric sand dollars paired with fluid lines, and Shower, a vibrant starburst pattern.  

The seven pattern, 67 colorway Architex Remedé collection is inspired by the healing properties of water. Photography courtesy of Architex and HDR

The latest Remedé patterns stem from a series of sketches by HDR’s design team, which happened to be intrinsically linked by the presence of organic, free-flowing lines hinting at water, expanding on its tranquil yet eye-catching aesthetic. A major draw remains the collection’s carefully researched hues. With input from HDR’s color trend experts, the two firms created a list of 14 trending color palettes with the goal of developing a fresh color story for Remedé. “All Remedé patterns approach the visual story and patterns with a hand drawn aesthetic creating a softness and continuity across the collection lines,” says Marcia Vanden Brink, product development director at HDR. “In this collection we explored the healing and visual soothing properties of water. The outstanding performance of the solution dyed nylon quality is not only a bonus for durability, but allows ease of cleaning without sacrificing sustainability which is excellent for any interior environment.”

To ensure the collection’s ability to withstand harsh disinfectants, Architex and HDR also conducted extensive testing with a passing grade of 4,000 cleaning cycles—approximately 10 to 11 cleanings a day for a year—along with post-testing to ensure the fabric’s tensile strength did not undergo degradation due to the disinfectants. Designers will take comfort in knowing the collection can be cleaned and sanitized with common disinfectants, including bleach, alcohol, and UV-C Light-based cleaners to name a few, in addition to being stain- and moisture-resistant. 

Woven in 100% solution-dyed nylon and protected with Alta Healthcare, Remedé is cleanable, durable, and beautiful. Photography courtesy of Architex and HDR

The complete Remedé collection features a variety of performance and fiber technologies, including Alta and Crypton as well as solution-dyed nylon, high-energy polyester, and bleach-cleanable fibers. Non-woven offerings include digitally-printed polyurethane and vinyl constructions. Up next, Architex and HDR are in the process of developing printed silicone hybrid non-wovens, given the material’s inherent sustainability and cleanability properties, making clear the collaborative relationship remains a fruitful one. 

“The synergy between Architex and HDR has developed over the years into a partnership that transcends solely pattern creation,” adds Vanden Brink. “As designers we know what is missing from the current marketplace and we create tools for the reps to use when calling on the design community. We touch all aspects of the process from fiber selection and sustainable goals to product naming and marketing material development.” That hands-on approach is what makes each high-performance textile in Remedé stand apart from the rest. 

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