September 6, 2016

Arper: In Pursuit of the Essential

The pursuit of the essential is at the heart of Italian company Arper’s most recent introductions. Through the line-up of new products designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, the company presents a vision for work spaces, bringing balance, color, intuition, play and lightness into the office.

Catifa 46 by Arper. Photography by Marco Covi.

Catifa 46 Originally designed in 2004, Catifa 46 is relaunched in a curated palette of soft yet complex colors: rosé, petrol, yellow, ivory, and turtledove grey. These colors can be paired, contrasted or interpreted as a monochrome statement.

Catifa 53 by Arper. Photography by Marco Covi.

Catifa 53 is reimagined with a matte plastic and leather finishes, lending sophistication to its quintessential form. Matte plastic offers eight new shade selections: white, ivory, gold, sand, caramel, café, anthracite and black.

Meety by Arper. Photography by Marco Covi.

Meety is an adaptable and dynamic system of tables engineered to be customizable and fit any context. The aluminum cast legs can be assembled to create a support base for an entire range of tabletop forms varying in shape, scale and material.

Parentesit Freestanding by Arper. Photography by Marco Covi.

Parentesit Freestanding is aimed at providing increased privacy and comfort in the office. Architectural in scale and featuring a strong graphic character, these modules carve out a three-dimensional space for concentration or quiet conversation in shared workspaces or collaborative environments.

Parentesit Wall Panel and App by Arper. Photography by Marco Covi and RNDR Studio.

Parentesit Wall Panel and App integrates an LED light source and a speaker system into Parentesit acoustic wall panels. An accompanying app allows users to adjust light and sound through their smartphones.

Arper products can be seen in the company’s showrooms in NYC at 476 Broadway and at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart (3rd floor). Furthermore, Arper continues to expand its operations serving the North America market at its new High Point, North Carolina facility. With primary purpose to centralize manufacturing and logistics for North America, operations at the 37,000 sq.ft. building will cut lead times for local projects.

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