May 3, 2017

Artful Canvases

Compositions with painterly appeal.

Jewel rug in Tibetan wool, Chinese silk, and nettle fiber by New Moon Rugs.

Hutton Wilkinson’s Malachite rug hand-tufted in wool and silk by Patterson Flynn Martin.

Christian Bérard’s Agape rug in wool and silk by La Manufacture Cogolin through Tai Ping.

Pencil Grid rug in Tibetan wool, silk, and bamboo silk by Robin Gray Design.

Ceto rug in wool made of reclaimed fibers by Aubry Angelo.

Lori Twilight Ocean rug in Himalayan wool by Warp & Weft.

Water Flowers silk-wool rug in blue & orange by Joseph Carini Carpets.

Shanan Campanaro’s Balboa shag rug in bamboo silk and pashmina by Eskayel.

Artique area rug in Tibetan wool and silk or viscose by Modern Nature Design.

Sakura rug in Tibetan wool and Chinese silk by Emma Gardner Design.

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