March 23, 2020

Artist Dan Lam’s Solo Show Highlights Intersection of Beauty and Discomfort

Blobs, drips, squishes…those are the verticles on the website of Dan Lam, aka the 255K-follower-strong @sopopomo. The Philippines-born, Dallas-based sculptor says her art “exists between two worlds: beautiful and ugly.” Indeed, the colorful, curvy forms of polyurethane foam and resin almost begged to be touched, but their acrylic spikes send a different message. “There’s a psychological aspect to my work,” Lam says. “Are we attracted to things that are painful?” Apparently yes. “Super Natural,” Lam’s solo show of 45 new blobs and drips, is at Stephanie Chefas Projects in Portland, Oregon, through April 25.

Photography by Dan Lam.

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