October 2, 2017

Artist Daniel Heidkamp Controlled Building Spires For His Exhibit at Pace Prints

The paper collage Spire Night, by Daniel Heidkamp, is on view at Pace Prints in Chelsea. Photography courtesy of Pace Prints. 

Daniel Heidkamp usually begins his artwork by observing real-life scenes. A new element was added to his painting practice after he acquainted himself with Spireworks, an invitation-only interactive program that allows individual access and control to lighting building spires along the New York skyline, such as those topping One Bryant Park and 4 Times Square. Immediately obsessed, the artist made countless sketches, paintings, and videos from using the technology. Those studies have led to “Paper Cuts” at Pace Prints gallery in Chelsea through October 21. For the dozen collages, Heidkamp cut ink-colored paper with scissors, blades, and punches, applied adhesive, and bound the sheets together with a heated press. “Because the color is locked into the paper,” he says, “I was able to push the palette to explosive result.” 

One Bryant Park in Pyramid Tower. Photography courtesy of Pace Prints. 
A Maine view in Ocean Interior. Photography courtesy of Pace Prints. 

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