October 4, 2019

Artist Scott Albrecht Creates a Smile-Inducing Mural in Brooklyn

Holding Onto What Will Come is Scott Albrecht’s 10-by-46-foot permanent installation in exterior house paint on Court and 9th Streets in Carroll Gardens. Photography by Scott Albrecht.

Brooklynites en route to the F and G subways at Smith-9th Street may have an extra spring in their step. It could be the influence of a new mural—smile-inducing not only aesthetically but also philosophically. “When I create a public work, I think of the audience as collaborators, so I try to offer a positive sentiment,” creator Scott Albrecht says. Called Holding Onto What Will Come, it’s a “reminder for optimism in trying times.” If those collaborators look closely enough at the artwork, they may decipher the title’s letters, which the artist has abstracted and arranged into a staggered grid, his signature style, a byproduct of studying graphic design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. The nearly quarter block–long installation is Albrecht’s first permanent one in New York City—a real thrill for him since he also lives in the neighborhood in which it’s located. For those who can’t make it there, he’s preparing woodworks and works on paper for his solo show next July at Hashimoto Contemporary on the Lower East Side.

The mural’s eight colors are pulled from Albrecht’s larger palette of custom hues and tones to maintain a consistent language across all his works. Photography by Scott Albrecht.
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Lincoln Park Basketball Courts by Scott Albrecht. Photography by Scott Albrecht.
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Only in Time by Scott Albrecht. Photography by Scott Albrecht.
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Together by Scott Albrecht. Photography by Scott Albrecht.

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