June 25, 2016

Artistic Tile Debuts First-Ever Collaboration with Michael Aram

The Michael Aram Collection for Artistic Tile. Image courtesy of Artistic Tile.

Collaboration is in the air! New Jersey-based luxury tile and stone manufacturer Artistic Tile launched its first-ever joint collection last week with Michael Aram, aptly titled the Michael Aram Collection for Artistic Tile. Decades in the making, the partnership creates an exciting synergy between the two brands, infusing Aram’s signature motifs into Artistic Tile’s luxurious selection of tile and stone.

Aram has established his namesake company as a trailblazer in the residential sector, channeling a refined aesthetic of lustrous metallics and bold neutrals into an impressive collection of tabletop accessories and home furnishings. Nancy Epstein, Artistic Tile CEO, became acquainted with Aram soon after her company’s inception, and following decades of success on both ends, collaborating seemed like a no-brainer. “Clients [would] often come into our showrooms asking if we have any tile to match their Michael Aram homeware,” recalls Epstein. When she pitched the idea of a joint collection with Aram, he was immediately excited to collaborate, having never lended his design prowess to tile.


Molten and Gotham bronze with bronze gloss liner behind Michael Aram’s “Tree of Life” fireplace screen on display at Artistic Tile’s Manhattan showroom. Image courtesy of Artistic Tile.

But translating to a new medium proved both seamless and enjoyable for Aram, who never declines a healthy design challenge. “We initially launched with handmade Japanese ceramic tiles, directly cast from clay patterns created at my studio,” says Aram. “I often sculpt in clay and then cast into metal—so, in a way, this was more of a direct translation of materials.”

The collaboration draws on some of Aram’s well-known collections—Molten, Botanical Leaf, and Gotham—translating their distinct aesthetic into a series of high quality decorative ceramic tiles and liners. “For the launch, I chose to use existing motifs from my collections so that the aesthetic connection would be strong,” says Aram. Each is glazed in metallic bronze, silver, or gloss white, using the same glazes to achieve a refinement unique to their new format.

The collection debuted at Artistic Tile’s flagship showroom in Manhattan and will be available at the company’s showrooms and suppliers nationwide.


Molten in white gloss. Image courtesy of Artistic Tile.


Leaf in steel gloss. Image courtesy of Artistic Tile.


Gotham in bronze gloss. Image courtesy of Artistic Tile.

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