September 11, 2014

ASID Foundation Funds CIDA Standards Development Project

Holly Mattson Headshot

Holly Mattson, executive director, CIDA.


ASID Foundation

has pledged support of a new initiative underway through

Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA)

to forecast factors and trends which are likely to impact the practice of interior design in the future, as well as factors which are already influencing design education and practice today. The research funded by ASID will be used to develop new accreditation standards for higher education in design, following their publication in 2016 and implementation in 2017.

“Through this grant, the ASID Foundation continues a commendable tradition of supporting excellence in interior design education,” says CIDA executive director Holly Mattson. “CIDA Standards have a powerful influence on the preparation of future interior design graduates. The ASID Foundation clearly recognizes the potential impact of the next generation of accreditations standards and the importance of investing in the best possible outcome to advance the profession.”

This coming November, the CIDA will host

Future Vision

a summit of leaders in interior design practice and education, as well as clients and representatives from associated fields. Future Vision will provide a forum to discuss the results of the CIDA’s extensive research, and to develop a vision and a set of standards which will support future design students and young designers, and facilitate their entry into the field. The priorities established in these discussions will be written into the CIDA’s new accreditation standards and promote excellence in the future of interior design practice.

“The professional and ethical standards of interior design practitioners is at the core of the ASID Foundation’s work,” said Suzan Globus, chair of the ASID Foundation Board, in a statement released by CIDA. “Relevant, strong standards ensure the strength and growth of our profession. We are pleased to offer our support to CIDA for undertaking this effort to update accreditation standards.”

The ASID Foundation is committed to promoting and developing the interior design profession through research and collaboration and by funding projects which enhance the value of the interior design industry. With more than 15,000 students enrolled in CIDA-accredited courses each year, the education they receive has a tremendous impact on the design industry as these young designers graduate and go on practice in the field.

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