April 30, 2013

Avenue Road’s Rue Picot Chandelier

Toronto-based Avenue Road adds to its seductive, sophisticated collection with the Rue Picot chandelier created by designers Kelvin Goddard and Lisa Santana. Evolved from a custom fixture for a private client, the chandelier has a glamorous, nestlike appeal. The chandelier’s name is inspired by an aerial map of Paris and references a street in the city’s 16th arrondissement.

The light fixture is high on drama with hand-woven, brass-plated, and bent wire revolving around a brass stem. “Like all of our projects, we were inspired by the notion of manipulating a simple linear material like wire, and turning it into something three-dimensional,” says Santana. “It was an exploration of a single material as much as it was a challenge to create a light that can be successfully reproduced while maintaining its handcrafted appeal.”

The chandelier is available in custom heights in both round an oval form with a standard 100W max (higher on request).


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