July 1, 2019

Benjamin Moore Lends Their Premium Paints To New Artisanal Wallpaper Collection

Photography courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

Artisanal is such a prominent word in today’s design industry, but it’s a rare moment when the word truly reflects work created in small batches by those who have mastered their craft. While developments in technology can make mass-produced uniqueness commonplace, these assembly line pieces do not carry quite the same panache as those made by human hands. Benjamin Moore and The Alpha Workshops, the nation’s only nonprofit organization that provides professional opportunities in the decorative arts to individuals with disabilities, debut a standout collaboration that marries artisanal techniques with luxury aesthetics. It’s called the Capsule Collection and features 15 hand-painted wallpapers made by Alpha Workshops artisans with Benjamin Moore premium paints.

“The Alpha Workshops has always used Benjamin Moore as our preferred paint since we first introduced our signature wallpaper offerings in 2001,” said Ken Wampler, founder and executive director of The Alpha Workshops. “This ultra-premium collection enhances our longstanding partnership and exudes the highest level of quality while coating walls in an artful, new way.”

Photography courtesy of Benjamin Moore. 

The three paints in the collection – CENTURY, Aura, and Studio Finishes – transform the five wallpaper patterns in the collection into something wholly unique. CENTURY adds infinite depth to the finished wallpapers, Aura gives complexity to neutrals, and the Studio Finishes metallic glazes bring out a hint of glamour. The patterns – Kimono, Newport, Topography, Spencer, and Horizon – range from graphic floral prints to delicate grids to vivacious marbleized stamps and offer a reimagined take on Alpha Workshops’ Painted Papers and Texture collections. A single roll takes the team’s five New York-based artisans about a day to create. 

“In this digital age, the handcrafted piece stands out as something made just for the client, something no one else has the exact copy of,” says Erik Savage, The Alpha Workshop’s wallpaper production manager. “Each roll of our wallpaper is hand painted by a highly skilled artisan, and though they match from roll to roll, the artist’s hand is evident and is what makes our paper extraordinary.

Photography courtesy of Benjamin Moore. 

The Alpha Workshops Studios, a division of The Alpha Workshops, is an award-winning professional decorative arts atelier staffed exclusively by Alpha Workshops Studio School graduates. In addition to hand-painted wallpapers, The Studios offer a full spectrum of decorative arts services to interior designers and architects, including traditional custom decorative paint and plaster finishes, gilding, and on-site art installations. 

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