April 1, 2013

Patricia Urquiola’s Biknit Chair for Moroso

Big on drama and comfort, Patricia Urquiola’s Biknit lounge chair for


is coming to the U.S. this spring. Biknit is as appealing to touch as it is to view. Grand in scale, the chaise features a bold, chunky corded seat on top of a contrasting powder coated steel frame evocative of an upholstered welt.

Urquiola, whose partnership with Moroso began in 1998 when she was asked to produce designs under her own name, used innovative materials to match the ambition of the design. The base is a thermo-stabilized ash wood, a new material that can withstand the elements while retaining the tactility and look of natural wood.  A versatile piece, the overblown knit design will strike a unique visual presence indoors or out and is produced to be able to handle any environment. The soft cording for the outdoor version has a polyethylene down core covered with a polyester/PVC knit while the indoor version has a polyurethane core with wool knit covering.

Moroso Biknit2[1]

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