May 25, 2018

Biophilic Flooring Thrives at NeoCon

Aspecta’s Tilt tiles in Vellum and Tones tiles in Shade and Natural. Photography courtesy of Aspecta.

The industry has seen an upsurge in biophilic design within the last decade, spurred along by improved material science, new certificates and standards, and an overall enthusiasm by the general public. Designers now have a plethora of options to choose from when integrating natural elements into their projects. Creating a product that stands out not only for its aesthetics but also its biophilic qualifications is today’s new standard of excellence.

Tilt tiles in Granite and Tones tiles in Fossil and Fieldstone. Photography courtesy of Aspecta.

Every aspect of a space can be formulated to bring that need to connect with nature to the forefront. Aspecta, a manufacturer of premium LVT tiles, does just this with their new Tilt and Tones tile collection, debuting at NeoCon 2018. Comprised of a series of 24” x 24” tiles in four color groups, Tilt and Tones draws inspiration from natural landscapes. Four unique Tilt designs interplay with neutral Tones tiles to create random, intriguing, and playful motifs.

Tilt tiles in Pearl and Tones tiles in Oyster and Manuscript. Photography courtesy of Aspecta.

“Tilt was inspired by hard-edged angles and lines,” explains Robert Langstaff, director of design at Aspecta. “We looked at geometric shapes created in shadows that the sun casts on outdoor surfaces such as rocks, deserts, beaches, and meadows—as well as reflecting defined patterns of repetition and scale found in nature.”

Offered in two different patterns and four color groups, Tones serves as a neutral background to more expressive textiles, paint colors, furniture, and office systems. “Tones evolved from the look of fabric, embossed ceramics, and natural stone-based colors,” Langstaff says. Together, these two lines can be used to create seating areas, wayfinding, borders, or all-over flooring.

Tilt tiles in Putty and Tones tiles in Venetian and Marble. Photography courtesy of Aspecta.

Both products come with the technical superiority of the Aspecta Ten system. Iscocore Technology® and Droplock 400™ enable a waterproof and sound reducing floating floor that can be installed in dramatically reduced times. The collection also comes with Aspecta’s Declare label (the first rigid core LVT to have one), Health Product Declaration, and Environmental Product Declaration features.  

Tilt and Tone can be found at Aspecta’s booth (7-10115) at NeoCon from June 11-13, 2018.

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