December 2, 2019

Bistro-Style Stone Hearth Cooking Comes Home

Monogram’s 30” Hearth Oven is ideal for those looking to integrate a smaller-scale, bistro-style hearth oven into their homesPhotography courtesy of Monogram Appliances.

One cooking style that’s hard to replicate at home is wood-fired baking and roasting — unless you have your own stone hearth oven. Ovens like these ensure brick-oven quality pizzas, artisanal breads, and roasted favorites can be made anytime and cooked up quickly, which helps foods retain nutrients and antioxidants. There are several popular options for outdoor as well as indoor applications when it comes to bistro-style stone hearth ovens.

Outdoor Wood-Fired Ovens

For those who love spending summertime on the patio, having an outdoor hearth oven is ideal. Homeowners can purchase DIY pizza oven kits that include a cooking floor, firebricks, and instructions for building. They also can hire a professional brick and stone mason to build a personal outdoor wood oven with a stone cooking area, or add one directly into the patio to blend into the current entertaining space.

Indoor Wood-Fired and Gas-Fired Ovens

For those considering a kitchen remodel, installing an indoor hearth oven ensures enjoying wood-fired cooking year-round. Connecting the oven directly into a natural gas supply also can provide the heat. Having a real stone oven in the kitchen lends old-world charm and lots of warmth. Plus, cooking inside means the entire kitchen is at the chef’s disposal, so a meal goes from creation to oven quickly and easily.

Luxury Electric Hearth Oven

For those without space for a large stone oven or gas hookups, Monogram offers a solution: the 30” Hearth Oven. It’s available in two styles—a flush installation hearth oven for seamless integration into cabinetry, and a built-in option to fit 30” cabinet cutouts. Each features an integrated oven ventilation system that requires no additional ductwork.

Both styles are handcrafted to capture the performance of a wood-fired oven with precision heating zones to help create perfect pizzas, crusty breads, and roasted vegetables with ease. This hearth oven definitely elevates the kitchen and the cooking experience.

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