August 1, 2019

Bohinc Studio Reimagines Zen Gardens in New Line for Kasthall

Within the pared-back symmetry of Japanese gardens, serenity and elegance coexist. Bohinc Studio founder Lara Bohinc recreates the milieu indoors with From the Sun to the Moon, a multi­category line for Kasthall. “The rhythm was inspired by Zen gardens, mixing full areas with empty spaces,” she explains, the patterns pitting rounded and curvy against straight and angular, her characteristic style. The West of the Sun rug is constructed of wool, some elements tufted using overspun felting yarn, so the
cut-and-loop pile creates a bouclé texture. North Pole is a tufted-wool wall hanging with linen accents and fringe topped with a semicircle of brass. Throw pillows round out the series. 

From the Sun to the Moon, a multicategory line for Kasthall. Photography courtesy of Kasthall. 
The West of the Sun Rug. Photography courtesy of Kasthall.
North Pole wall hanging. Photography by Emil Fagande. 

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