August 3, 2016

Bolon Launches Floor Customizing System Bolon By You

Stripe for Bolon. 

There’s no need to insist. Annica and Marie Eklund will let you have your say. The third-generation owners of Bolon have launched Bolon By You, a system that gives designer-customers the flexibility to customize flooring according to their specific aesthetic vision.

Lace for Bolon. 

In a simple three-stage process, an online tool allows the user to create a vast array of graphic constructs from six patterns of woven vinyl: Stripe, Geometric, Grid, Dot, Lace, and Weave. Color is also highly flexible. 

Geometric for Bolon.

Choose from four earthy tones for the warp and 12 new weft options, ranging from vibrant primaries to soft pastels. Backing is glass-reinforced recycled vinyl.

Dot for Bolon. 

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