July 17, 2012

2012 Rising Giants: Breakout of Business by Market Segment

Another sign that business is improving: focus. In the depths of recession woes, 66 firms said they spent significant time diversifying. That number has dropped to 59. Two years ago, 50 firms were concentrating on marketing as opposed to today’s 40. If you don’t have to hustle for new business, clearly your current business is pretty sweet.

Additionally, green – coincidentally the color of money and sustainability – continues to be a driver. More than three quarters of the Giants work on sustainable projects, resulting in 45 million square feet of green space. A third of revenue derives from this, the highest number since we started asking the question four years ago. Green products account for nearly half of all products used, and the total value has risen $1 billion, to $3.3 billion, over two years.

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