April 20, 2016

Bright Ideas for Interior Design

One of the many challenges facing the interior designer working in a retail environment is how to incorporate and dress-up signage. Signs provide consumers with information such as wayfinding, business identity and department directories. Designers use a range of creative materials, sizes, colors, lettering, and mounting hardware such as standoffs to bring a sign forward, making it easier to see. Now there is another option for drawing attention to a sign; LED illuminated standoffs.

LED technology and manufacturing has been refined to a point where these light sources have become a low cost and low voltage alternative to traditional lighting. LEDs are available in small sizes, but still produce a high-intensity light. An LED StandOff combined with glass or acrylic will create an intense glowing effect on the edges of the material and illuminate an etched graphic or lettering on the material surface.

LED Illuminated signs draw more attention and are much easier to find than traditional signs. This is especially true in environments where ambient lighting is dimmer. These attention grabbers work great at point-of-purchase locations as well.

LED systems run cool to the touch, so they can be installed virtually anywhere you have power. Because LED systems are high output with low voltage, you can add several to your project without breaking the bank for electrical costs. That makes LEDs the cheaper, brighter and more environmentally friendly way to bring light to your signage project.

Not sure where to start? LED standoffs along with precision rod and wire hanging systems may be found at www.standoffsystems.com

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