September 13, 2018

Brintons’ Self-Expression Project Asks Designers to Respond to Photography

A Gordon Williams photograph that served as inspiration for the Self-Expression Project.

Much like a Rorschach test, Brintons spearheaded the Self-Expression Project by giving its designers a Gordon Williams photograph of a bicyclist speeding past tattered textiles. The request: Just respond. After working independently for two weeks, convening for critiques and fine-tuning designs, the field was narrowed to three. Amy LaGuire “worked backwards” from end-use, resulting in the “hospitality-appropriate” coloring of Q01/A15577ZSE. Nona Thornton chose to deconstruct it, “like a sewing pattern,” while toying with light and shadow in Q01/A17019ZSE. Paul Andino, who reduced the image to simple shapes and layered textures in Q01/A14888ZSE, sums up the experience: “It was powerful to be inspired without losing our own aesthetic.” Axminster woven in a wool-nylon blend, the broadloom is customizable to suit the client’s wishes—and expressions.


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