April 2, 2018

bulthaup’s b Solitaire Series Modernizes the Classic China Cabinet

The bulthaup b Solitaire table, bench with leather inlay, and shelving unit. Photography courtesy of bulthaup.

Only a few generations ago, the china cabinet was an indispensable piece of furniture. The item’s purpose was to store and display collectibles, fine china, family heirlooms, and pieces of memorabilia that were precious to the owners and good conversation starters. The modern hutch still exists, but it’s much more utilitarian now, often coming with bookshelves, drawers, and cabinets providing maximum storage. But there’s something to be said about the idea behind the china cabinet, a richly designed piece that celebrates self-expression and provides a place to curate one’s life. As the global design aesthetic has moved towards the lighter touch of minimalism, German company bulthaup has found a way to marry the need for individualism, smart storage, and minimalist design with its b Solitaire series.

Comprised of three different shelving units, a dining table, and a bench, the b Solitaire series is an insightful reimagining of the cabinet’s possibilities in a sleek package. Using only highly selective materials like deep-anodized aluminum, solid oak from Central Europe, glass, stainless steel, and leather, the b Solitaire series offers a luxurious alternative to the bulky and dated storage pieces of the past, and with improved functionality due to it being operable from all sides. 

b Solitaire with three drawers. Photography courtesy of bulthaup.

“The inspiration for the b Solitaires is the belief that each of us has collections of objects that have singular and sentimental significance,” explains bulthaup’s designers. “The b Solitaire, populated with these unique collections, becomes an expressive piece that creates a very special and personal atmosphere in the room. As the kitchen is very much the center of the home, the bulthaup b Solitaires complement where the important gathering of family and friends takes place.”

The tallest shelving unit in the b Solitaire series. Photography courtesy of bulthaup.

The pieces are customizable by nature, offering designers and end-users multiple choices of materials and the option of whether to put in solid or grid shelves, drawers with or without glass, pull-out trays, a thick oak top, or an elegant glass or thin stainless-steel top. The drawers can be outfitted with leather inlays or bulthaup’s signature prism inserts. The b Solitaire is easily reconfigurable and parts can be exchanged, cutting down on waste and providing maximum ability to customize over time.

A pull-out tray with leather inlay. Photography courtesy of bulthaup.

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