November 26, 2013

Business of Design: Common Ground Among Ages

How Designers Feel About The US Economy

There is one area, client relations, where all ages agree. By far, the biggest challenge in both age groups is landing projects. Once the job is locked in, 63 percent of both groups say that managing client expectations is a top factor affecting work. Nearly half of all respondents agree about the importance of dealing with clients’ increasing demands. A new wrinkle, thanks to the Internet: clients finding products online, from other vendors, at cheaper prices.

Naturally, all good business is about the bottom line. And all respondents, no matter their title, priorities, or firm size, have an opinion about the state and direction of the industry, and it’s good news. Across age demographics, more than 90 percent of pros are happy about 2014’s prospects, with 44 percent either “extremely” or “very” optimistic. Sounds like a party where everyone’s invited.

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