October 3, 2017

Caimi Brevetti’s Snowbound Lux Collection

Fixture design by Caimi Brevetti.

Call it a lightbulb moment: Why not add illumination to Caimi Brevetti’s acoustic-dampening panels And so its proprietary technology, featuring frameless polyester over a polyester core, became the jumping-off point for Snowsound Lux, a collection of LED fixtures by two designers. For Giotto Lux, Sezgin Aksu placed a 28-watt source in the center of a disk over which satin-finished white, gray, beige, or orange polyethylene or COM. Marc Sadler’s Oversize Lux fixture comes in 47-inch-square and 47-by-62-inch sizes in white or gray, plus 10 additional colors on request. caimi.com

Giotto Lux by Caimi Brevetti.
Oversize Lux by Caimi Brevetti.

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