April 1, 2018

Carnegie’s Instant Artform Delivers Sound Reduction with Style and Ease

Carnegie launches Xorel Instant Artform, a new turnkey online service that provides designers a wide selection of compelling design schemes for acoustical solutions. Realizing time constraints that designers face, Carnegie developed Instant Artform to deliver a streamlined design and installation experience for Artform panels in a range of commercial projects.

Upholstered in Carnegie’s proprietary high-performance Xorel textile, Artform is a versatile acoustical panel system that combines beauty and performance with proven sound reduction. Xorel Artform is offered in 16 shapes, a variety of scales, three-dimensional options, over 350 colors, patterns, and textures, allowing endless design opportunities.

The new service harnesses Artforms’ creative potential, allowing users to select from a few key design aspects – layout, size, and color – and arrive at a complete acoustic solution in a fraction of the time. Instant Artform offers a series of 35 design layouts using a wide variety of panel shapes and sizes. Each layout is available in three typical sizes – phone booth (small), conference wall (medium), and open office wall (large) – and in a series of pre-determined color palettes.

Instant Artform is delivered through a highly intuitive interface on Xorelartform.com. Design layouts in multiple sizes and palettes can be viewed and downloaded along with specifications, install instructions, and total costs. The panels can be affixed with Velcro or 3M command strips, which allow users to easily reconfigure panels or move them to a new location.

Every Xorel Artform panel utilizes the high-performance, environmentally friendly and C2C-certified, Xorel textile, which 100% PVC-free also comes in a bio-based version.

Carnegie is the only certified B Corp in the industry, meeting rigorous standards in social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

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