November 1, 2012

Carnegie’s Two Launches Push Boundaries of Technology

Xorel Graphic in Medusa by Carnegie Fabrics.

Technology collides with textiles in a most delightful way with Carnegie Fabrics’ newest collections: The Voyage Collection, the company’s first indoor-outdoor venture, and Xorel Graphic, a wall covering collection that merges digital printing with woven design.

Voyage, consisting of nine upholstery and wall covering options, is influenced by global travel and handcrafting techniques. Multiple materials, motifs and design combinations offer a variety of options from chenille and metallic to paper yarns and silks. Designed with hospitality in mind, each piece would look at home in commercial or high-end residential setting as well.

“It was critical that the quality be luxurious in feel while still meeting performance criteria for outdoor use. Yarn technology has advanced to a place that has allowed us to develop light-fast, cleanable textiles with a sophisticated aesthetic and lush hand,” says Carnegie designer Heather Bush.

Also exploring the boundaries of technology, Xorel Graphic merges weaving with the graphic capabilities of digital printing to create an entirely new dimension in wall coverings. “We wanted to develop a product beyond the flat digital images that are ubiquitous in the interiors marketplace today, and by utilizing advanced technology we were able to combine full color digital printing with a jacquard woven textile overlay resulting in a highly nuanced multidimensional wall covering solution,” says Bush.

From rich wovens to bold stripes, each pattern in the collection illuminates the complex and textural pattering Xorel can achieve and the graphic impact of digital printing combined with jacquard weaving. “Xorel is a unique product in the marketplace because of its inherent performance and sustainable attributes,” says Bush. Effectively, any image can be combined with any woven overlay. The opportunity to create custom designs in virtually limitless.”



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