August 21, 2020

Carpet Edition Gives Voice to Indigenous People of New Zealand and Brazil in Hand-Tufted Rug Collection

A cross-cultural collection by Italian Roberta Mari and Polish-Brazilian Silvia Zylberman Pio for Carpet Edition is aptly named Siamo Tutti Uno, or We Are One. Six of the seven hand-tufted rugs in the line, which was conceived to give voice to indigenous people, come in New Zealand wool and arrowlike forms. Memby, a tribute to Amazonian tribes, converges sketched lines evoking childhood drawings, while geometric Exas telegraphs a message of good health. The Kyrin and Urihi patterns were 
of all can be laid individually stripes 
inspired by traditional Kayapó body art. The rugs are coupled and interlocked to make a 
larger floor covering (just as Exas Blue and Memby Yellow are paired here). Not only does the assortment look good but it also does good: A percentage of sales go to Survival International, a human-rights organization dedicated to defending indigenous populations.

Siamo Tutti Uno.

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