October 1, 2020

CertainTeed Architectural Open Plenum Ceiling Systems Make Waves

Curved Horizontal Baffles create movement with flowing, wavelike design gestures at Avery Dennison in Glendale, California. Photography courtesy of CertainTeed.

Great design makes heads turn in all directions—even up. To add dynamism to built environments, designers often seek to create statements that go beyond the four walls, but finding the right approach to draw the eyes upward can prove challenging. CertainTeed, a manufacturer of building materials for all types of construction, is raising the bar quite literally when it comes to versatile design possibilities with its High Profile Series™, a range of ceiling design systems that add a layer of drama and intrigue to commercial spaces. 

Custom Frameworks beams with a woodlook finish create a sense of warmth, while the installation at varying degrees provides directional way finding around the concourse at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in upstate New York. Photography courtesy of CertainTeed.

The collection from CertainTeed Architectural includes Hunter Douglas Ceiling & Wall Products and offers commercial and contract designers an unlimited world of creative possibilities with seamless extruded aluminum beams and baffles that can be configured into a wide range of unique exposed ceiling looks. Product forms and profiles in the collection offer modern design with exacting fits and finishes, plus a variety of installation options. 

Curved aluminum Baffles and Straight Baffles layer over eachother at this railwayinspired coffeehouse in New York City, evoking the look of steel tracks running across the plenum. Photography courtesy of CertainTeed.

Playful and contemporary open-plenum ceilings are easily created with Extruded Aluminum Beams. To construct sculptural and angular gestures, Straight Baffles can be installed level, at angles, or in joined A-frames. Designers also can create sinuous, wave-like forms with Horizontally or Vertically Curved Baffles, which come in a variety of curved arcs and radii, heights and profiles. Designed to meet the most demanding design challenges, custom-engineered Frameworks beams are offered as well.

Frameworks beams offer integrated lighting, triangular aesthetics, and create visual movement at Accenture’s Immersion Lounge in Atlanta, inspired by local rail road tracks. Photography courtesy of CertainTeed.

The company also puts sustainability at the forefront with its stylish designs. All High Profile Series™ products are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, made of recycled content, and free of volatile organic compounds. Standard finishes include natural aluminum and an array of wood veneer, wood-look and stone-look finishes, as well as classic black and white hues. High Profile Series™ can also be customized to match any color spec for the utmost design control. Backed by expert in-house design support, the High Profile Series™ enables designers to bring their sky-high creative visions to life at an affordable cost.

Frameworks beams installed at angled joins create a lofty, Aframe effect in a large food court at Target Center in Minneapolis. Photography courtesy of CertainTeed. 
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum also features custom Frameworks beams with a woodlook installed on vertical and horizontal planes. Photography courtesy of CertainTeed. 
Curved Baffles and Frameworks beams reminiscent of Atlanta’s famous rail-yards adorn the ceilings Accenture’s hub space. Photography courtesy of CertainTeed. 

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