June 1, 2019

CFGroup Channels Iconic Design Moments Into NeoCon 2019 Offerings

The Legacy Collection from Thonet. Photography courtesy of CFGroup. 

With NeoCon 2019 only two days away, it’s time to cast an eye out for the latest and greatest product coming to the world’s largest commercial design trade show. The Chicago-based design bonanza brings together 500 manufacturers and 50,000 designers for two days of exploration, networking, and, of course, specification. The sheer amount of people and product isn’t daunting, however; in fact, it’s this very quality that makes NeoCon the number one event that keep the commercial sector innovating year and year.

The Heritage Collection in a corporate lounge space. Rendering courtesy of CFGroup.

Thonet, a subsidiary of CFGroup, will be returning once again to NeoCon with a bevy of stylish, sophisticated, and ultra-modern products for designers to ogle. These include tables, storage units, lounge seating, and shelving from the Modern Heritage and Legacy Collections. The items can be found at CFGoup’s NeoCon showroom on the 11th floor (booth 11-111).

The Heritage Collection in a corporate lobby setting. Rendering courtesy of CFGroup.

The Modern Heritage Collection, nominated for an Interior Design Best of Year award in 2018, draws inspiration from the original, tubular steel designs that Thonet commissioned from the likes of Marcel Breuer, Mart Stam, and Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe in the 20th century. The pieces in this collection feature mixed materials that retain the lightness and refinement of those earlier examples while also employing an innovative, yet simple fastening system that enables flexible reconfiguration or division of a space. Thonet has completely refreshed all the elements of the original design — scale, form, function and color — to better accommodate the shifting and complex needs of modern contract spaces.

An armless lounge chair from the Legacy Collection. Photography courtesy of CFGroup.

The new lounge seating entries into the Legacy Collection, created in partnership with Dorsey Cox Design, embrace playfulness and exaggerated scales. Based on simple but ergonomic geometries, each chair feels like a bespoke piece. This year, Thonet introduces high back, low back, and armless options that can elevate any type of contract space to new levels of chic comfort.

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