January 16, 2015

Chet Callahan

Chet Callahan

Chet Callahan, courtesy of Chet Callahan.

Firm : Chet Callahan.

Location : Los Angeles, CA.

Bio : Chet Callahan leads an award-winning building design office in Los Angeles, offering services ranging from space planning and partial renovations to ground-up construction of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. Chet Callahan is a Southern California native and brings to his work a deep appreciation of the region and its climate. His design process begins with a careful study of each site’s unique character in order to propose a sensitive addition to the existing–built or natural–landscape. The character of the existing building, daylight, and natural ventilation are central to each building project. The project is further articulated through a collaborative process with the client, analyzing each of the client’s needs to provide a unique, functional, and efficient design solution. While each project is developed within the parameters of client and site, the overarching principles of open spatial configurations, indoor-outdoor living, refined detailing and craftsmanship, and passive building systems are explored within each project.

Completed Projects

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2014 BOY Winner: Residential Interior

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