October 22, 2015

Choose Your Favorite From 3 Trending Formica® Laminate Palettes

Sponsored by Formica Corporation

Here’s how to stay on the forefront of design while still staying on budget. Formica® Brand Laminate has long been any efficient designer’s secret weapon—durable, design-forward, and versatile, the high pressure laminate has been a commercial and residential go-to for over 100 years. Wow! This fall, Formica Corporation taps into trendiness with a new Lookbook of SurfaceSet™ 2016’s three new palettes: Unfiltered, Saturate and Raw.

Offering colors that designers can mix or match, the 35 new products are the result of months of research conducted by Formica Group’s international design team. The collection includes two new finishes, six solid colors, 11 patterns, 12 wood grains, a reclaimed denim fiber laminate, and four new patterns created by renowned designer Jonathan Adler.

“Our new collection brings everything you love about the great outdoors to interior surfaces,” explains Scott Dannenfelser, North America commercial design lead, Formica Corporation. “Professionals can evoke the warm tones of rare wood slabs, the vivid hues of flowers and fruits, or the soft, cool colors of your favorite pair of blue jeans. SurfaceSet™ 2016 helps create spaces where people can connect with and enjoy their surroundings,” Dannenfelser says.

SurfaceSet™ 2016


– 35 new products
– 2 new finishes
– 6 solid colors
– 11 patterns
– 12 wood grains
– a reclaimed denim fiber laminate
– 4 new patterns by Jonathan Adler

The Unfiltered palette clearly believes that less is more. Inspired by authentic, honest materials such as denim, linen, stone and concrete, the palette’s cool hues blend with subtle warm tones. Just imagine a restaurant tabletop in Weathered Beamwood or a bar surfaced in Elemental Blue Steel. And the palette’s Reclaimed Denim Fiber designs are made with real recycled denim, so no two sheets are exactly alike.

Looking for an occasional curveball or pop of color and texture? That’s where the Saturate palette comes in. Its bright, vivid hues bring to mind rare fauna and flora, tropical destinations and “fruits so colorful you can taste them with your eyes,” says Formica ® Brand regarding their new collection .

Turn to the third palette, Raw, for soft, mellow tones that keep you grounded. These designs are meant to bring the warmth and beauty of the natural world to durable, budget-friendly interior surfaces. Envision an office wall or hotel lobby covered in shades like Washed Knotty Ash and Salvage Planked Elm. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it?

> Download the SurfaceSet™ 2016 Lookbook.

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