August 14, 2020

Chris Evans of Rottet Studio Wins Hospitality Leader Award at HiP 2020

Chris Evans, associate principal at Rottet Studio, is staying busy during the pandemic—adding on to his own home and helping his kids with their projects is more than enough to keep things interesting. This HiP Hospitality Leader has been with Rottet Studio since its beginnings in 2008, bringing more than 15 years of experience in architecture and design expertise, not to mention a wide-ranging skillset that he applies to all stages of the design process, from the initial planning and conceptualization to the finishing details.

From an early age, Evans has been attuned to the design world. Spending time as a child in the workshop of his family’s furniture-making business, he was quickly introduced to the manual process of creating. There he learned the value of working with his hands—a lesson he applies to his work today. This perspective shows up in his specifications decisions down to every project detail. Evans also draws inspiration from historic research surrounding a given building or project site to further inform his elaborate detail work.

Ever enthusiastic about current projects, such as the renovation of a Colombian hotel for Charleston Hotels, Evans enjoys taking into account and adding to the stories of a building. In this case, the Colombian hotel’s historic structure started out as a convent in the 16th century, located in the famed city of Cartagena. With the building’s past in mind, Evans and his team are sure to breathe new life into its contemporary interiors. 

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