June 27, 2017

Christian de Vietri Sculpture Throws Perth Riverfront For a Curve

Spanda’s curves are lit by LED spots at the base. Photography by Robert Frith.

To ensure a consistent curve for Spanda, a sculpture by Christian de Vietri on Perth’s riverfront, structural engineers at ShapeShift’s workshop in Batam, Indo­nesia, sanded an arc composed of separate sections CNC-molded from resin-­infused carbon fiber.

Spanda being constructed at ShapeShift’s workshop. Photography courtesy of ShapeShift.
Photography by Robert Frith.

The largest, final arc was hoisted into place at a harborside site in Perth.

Spanda’s installation. Photography by Robert Frith.

A team member in a cherry picker guided the arc into a pair of 10­-foot-­tall bases, each to be secured by a steel bracket and covered with a sleeve made of concrete-­filled carbon fiber. Lighting consultant Electrolight positioned LED spots at the base of the sculpture to give it the appearance of glowing.

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