April 16, 2013

Porcelanosa Introduces Azrama by Clodagh

This spring Porcelanosa introduces Azrama by Clodagh, a new bath collection that lives up to its name—a Sanskrit word that translates as “retreat and refresh.” The collection’s sculptural pieces include a natural stone tub, a shower pan, pedestal carved sink, and a two-sink vanity on a slatted teak stand, as well as medicine cabinets, a towel ladder and a teak lounging bench.

“I envision these products working together to create a retreat, a place to spend nurturing time with a partner or family and also as a place to meditate, read, listen to music, dream, laugh and refresh,” explains Clodagh. The centerpiece of the collection is a natural stone bathtub, the Azrama Hammock Tub, inspired by Clodagh’s observance of two lovers lounging together in a hammock.

Azrama’s mixture of stone, teak and metal adds a sensual dimension and authenticity of material to the collection. “I used a combination of varied natural materials; familiar materials, yet used in unfamiliar ways. The permanence of stone, the warmth of wood, and the sheen of metal together add a sensual dimension to the simplicity of the shapes,” says Clodagh. “I design experiences, not things, furniture or spaces. Through objects, I am creating easy living, fun, convenience and contextual experiences. I’m not interested in trends. The Azrama Collection brings the luxurious, nurturing and comforting experience of spa to one’s home. “

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