February 1, 2019

COMPAC Gets Cosmic at KBIS 2019

From left to right: Toni Lleó, COMPAC’s continental manager for America; Cindy Allen, Interior Design’s editor in chief; and Paco Sanchís, CEO of COMPAC. Photography courtesy of COMPAC.

Things got extraterrestrial at KBIS 2019 with the debut of internationally-renowned artist Arik Levy’s newest piece, Crater CC296. Designed for Spanish surfaces company COMPAC, Crater CC296 is a sculptural work that weighs over 1,700 pounds and faintly resembles the famous UFO lookalike space rock ‘Oumuamua. Crater CC296 is certainly of this Earth—it was robotically carved out of a solid block of COMPAC material—but it draws inspiration from the limitless possibilities of matter that could exist out in the universe. Through strong, fluid movement and a hefty weight, Crater CC296 represents the search for new ethereal landscapes and bold new research into unexplored materials.

A visitor experiencing Crater CC296. Photography courtesy of COMPAC.

“The crater represents the nature of another planet,” explains Levy. “Its vertices create an endless visual formation, in which the eye completes the non-visible parts of its surface. This piece not only offers a new geometry for our vision, but also a colorful structure in which great kinetic energy is on show without the need for real movement”

COMPAC’S KBIS 2019 booth drawing large crowds. Photography courtesy of COMPAC.

Crater CC296 served as the centerpiece of COMPAC’s KBIS’19 booth. Surrounded by elaborate staging, carefully choreographed lighting, and a making-of video, Crafter296 drew in huge crowds. Designers and architects intrigued by the unusual object had other works by COMPAC and Levy to gawk at, including samples from the Ice of Genesis series. From there, they could move to a work area specifically set up for  professionals to converse with COMPAC’s expert staff about specification of COMPAC products for all types of spaces, including institutional and contract.

Designers gather at COMPAC’s booth to learn more about specification. Photography courtesy of COMPAC.

COMPAC has specialized in technological marble and quartz surfaces for over 40 years, and have showrooms around the globe. Their latest campaign, “The Surface Beyond”, of which Crater CC296 is a part, continues their relentless search for creativity that revolutionizes the brand and beautifies the world.

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