December 25, 2017

COMPAC, The Surfaces Company, Debuts Two New Collections at KBIS 2018

The star of COMPAC’s KBIS 2018 booth is the brand’s Hammam sculpture, which features COMPAC’s Unique Marquina™ and Unique Calacatta™ engineered quartz. Designed by GG Architects, photography courtesy of COMPAC. 

In recent years, quartz has proven its staying power in kitchen design. Designers are choosing the material over granite for its durability, ease of maintenance, and wide array of colors and patterns. COMPAC, known for elevating quartz to luxury standards, will be at KBIS 2018 to show its two newest lines, UNIQUE Collection™ and ICE of Genesis by Arik Levy, in an innovative booth concept designed to highlight the artful qualities of this man-made surface.

The piece puts a modernist spin on the traditional hammam bath aesthetic, with seemingly infinite edges that give the tub a minimalist feel. Designed by GG Architects, photography courtesy of COMPAC. 

In collaboration with Spanish design studios Janfri & Ranchal and GG Architects, COMPAC conceived a KBIS booth that will feature a terrace, kitchen, and bathroom, demonstrating the product’s versatility and beauty. Attendees will enter through the terrace, which will showcase five variations of the UNIQUE Collection™ on both the walls and flooring. The next stop, the kitchen, will feature Arik Levy’s ICE of Genesis, the brand’s premium line inspired by Arctic landscapes, in both black and white color schemes.

A rendering of COMPAC’s KBIS 2018 booth. Photo courtesy of COMPAC.

Finally, the bathroom will channel the traditional hammam with a latticework of stars carved into walls made of Unique Calacatta™. GG Architects designed a sculpture weighing over 2,600-pounds and featuring two types of UNIQUE Collection quartz that anchors the room. The angular centerpiece, inspired by ancient baths, showcases a continuous vein that runs across the material without interruption.

The sculpture weighs over a ton and was fabricated entirely in Spain. Designed by GG Architects, photography courtesy of COMPAC. 

Made in Spain, the quartz sculpture will travel to Orlando for its debut on the show floor on January 9-11. Visit booth W285 (West Hall) to experience COMPAC’s commitment to design excellence and pursuit of creative invention.

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