August 1, 2020

Create Dynamic Outdoor Spaces in a Flash with JANUS et Cie’s In-Stock Furnishings

Matisse Lounge Chairs and Duo Cocktail Table. Photography courtesy of JANUS et Cie. 

Outdoor space, once considered a bonus area of any residential or commercial environment, is more vital than ever. As we continue to adapt the way we live, work, and spend time together with social distancing top of mind, designers are increasingly tasked with transforming outdoor spaces into multi-use oases—and quickly. This means durable, weather-resistant furnishings are in demand, yet perusing a saturated market for just the right piece can be a time-consuming and intensive process marked by long inventory lead times. 

The solution? JANUS et Cie, an industry leader with more than 40 years of expertise in outdoor furnishings, offers a vast variety of in-stock products built to endure even the harshest conditions. This means designers not only have access to furnishings that suit projects from home patios to sidewalk cafes to public courtyards, they also can receive them right away. The brand’s suite of products, many of which are created in partnership with industry leaders, such as design and architecture firm RIOS (formerly RCH Studios), include lounge chairs and cocktail tables as well as scalable seating and modular collections for large-scale projects, to name a few.  

Rio bench system designed by RIOS at PMC Property Group Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA. Photography courtesy of JANUS et Cie.

With more than 60,000 items in stock at JANUS et Cie’s product facility in Los Angeles, designers are sure to find the perfect fit for every project. Take the Rio bench system, designed by RIOS, which functions as a large-scale seating installation complete with a Planter, Cocktail Table, Side Table, and Trash Receptacle. “We designed the Rio bench family to be a sculptural, place-making furniture system, adaptable to every situation and context we could imagine,” said Sebastian Salvadó, creative director, RIOS. “What we didn’t realize is that it would also be a great solution for a social-distancing setting. The various modules can easily be separated to create safe spacing between each seating area, while still retaining a distinct sinuous form.” 

Duo Armchairs and Café Tables designed by Janice Feldman. Photography courtesy of JANUS et Cie. 

JANUS et Cie also offers a wide array of in-stock cafe seating—ideal for restauranteurs who suddenly found themselves creating outdoor dining areas in onsite parking lots and closed down streets in lieu of indoor dining this spring and summer.  And for added support, JANUS et Cie’s team of in-house specialists is armed with product knowledge to help clients arrive at creative solutions for multi-functional outdoor spaces. The team offers comprehensive consultations via virtual workspaces to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved in the decision-making process. 

Forest Armchairs, Koko II Dining Table & Amari Vita Sofas at Aramark Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA. Designed and photographed by Gensler Philadelphia. 

As designers work to create innovative outdoor environments that enable us to socialize and relax as safely as possible, JANUS et Cie remains at the forefront of the specification process—providing a seemingly endless collection of high-quality outdoor furnishings made to last. 

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