April 22, 2017

Crossville Tile is Code for Great Restaurant Design

Even restaurants being remodeled in sunny Los Angeles, California must meet codes. That’s why the design team behind Laurel Point in Studio City turned to Crossville for creative tile solutions. Crossville’s Buenos Aires Mood collection provided the unique look the team was seeking for an outdoor patio area and also answered the technical and performance characteristics required for this bustling, renovated restaurant space.

Kelly Architects, retained by Grill Concepts Inc. to design Laurel Point, was tasked with creating a millennial-friendly seafood restaurant that would stand out in a competitive market. Tile played a pivotal role in the overall design, but it also had to be carefully installed and provide the right technical performance required for the demanding commercial space.

“The patio floor was designed to resemble a fish spine, shared Jen Smith of Kelly Architects. “By using Crossville’s Buenos Aires tile in a 6″ x 36″ we achieved this design while being able to work with the sloped, water-proofed patio floor.”

The team designed with the proper blend of textured finish tiles with required DCOF (dynamic coefficient of friction) and tiles in the polished finish, attaining the technical performance required without sacrificing the aesthetic the vision for the space.

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