June 8, 2020

Dauphin Unveils Acoustic Pods and Room-in-Room Systems Designed for the Modern Office

Dauphin recently announced the launch of two new office solutions—Bosse Series Two Acoustic Pods and Bosse Series 4 Room-in-Room systems—aptly timed for our return to the public sphere, including the work environment. The collections, which build on the brand’s existing integrated privacy offerings, mitigate noise distractions while affording employees more private space to work and collaborate.

Designed to aesthetically enhance any office environment, the acoustic benefits of Bosse Series 2 and Series 4 are the products’ secret weapon. Each model in the series drastically reduces noise levels by 37-39 decibels when measured on weighted sound reduction tests, enabling users to work and collaborate with far fewer distractions. Designers also will take comfort in knowing that Series 2 and Series 4 offer quiet, automatic LED lighting and ventilation systems with an air exchange rate of 50 times per hour—ensuring each interior environment maintains a comfortable temperature. Series 4 room-in-room systems also offer the option of adding an air quality sensor and enable users to make the space their own by regulating the LED lighting color temperature with “tunable white” technology and adjusting the ventilation. In other words, the Bosse range of acoustic pods may be built for communal use, but they also are highly personable—a sought-after combination. 

Take a closer look at Dauphin’s Bosse Series 2 and Series 4 collections, created by German-based Bosse. Bosse, an established expert in the field, has been part of the brand’s family since 1994. 

Bosse Series 2: Collaborative and Quiet Acoustic Pods 

The Bosse Series 2 Telephone pod offers an acoustically effective wall panel in white pine with a rail system that allows the user to adjust the height of the work shelf, as well as integrated power and in-shelf USB connections. Photography courtesy of Dauphin. 
Bosse Series 2 Dialogue acoustic pod. The Dialogue and Collaboration pod offer an optional pendant lamp and floor-mounted table base. Structures are made of steel and available in black or white frames. Photography courtesy of Dauphin. 
The Bosse Series 2 Collaboration acoustic pod. The entire Series 2 collection features customizable exterior wall panels in a selection of eight neutral colors or four natural wood finishes; a magnetic white board also can be added to optimize space use. Photography courtesy of Dauphin. 

Bosse Series 4: Hone Focus in Private Workspaces with Room-in-Room Systems

Bosse Series 4 Black Frame room-in-room system with Averio chairs and tables. The Bosse Series 4 system is available in four different sizes with natural silver or black anodized aluminum frames; the frameless glass door is equipped with discrete hinges, magnetic door closure, and an elegant handle. Photography courtesy of Dauphin. 
Bosse Series 4 Silver Frame room-in-room system with Little Perillo Stools. Flexible-sliding panels can be installed inside or outside the room, available as an acoustic panel, melamine, or whiteboard. Technology panels to support telecommunication devices also available. Photography courtesy of Dauphin. 

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