May 1, 2020

Davis Furniture Expands A-Chair by Jehs+Laub Into A-Collection

The A-Chair’s clean design furnishes this interior without overwhelming the space. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

Sometimes the best and most effective designs are born from the simplest of concepts. No catering to trends, just good design that works. When Jehs+Laub initially began designing the A-Chair, their mission was to produce a stackable row chair for the 21st century that’s built to last. The final product put a new spin on minimalistic design, featuring a distinctly architectural A-frame base.

The complete A-Collection with solutions for lounge, working and collaborative environments. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

The success of the A-Chair as a quintessential multi-purpose chair led Jehs+Laub to brainstorm how they could expand on the simple yet elegant concept. The design duo explains, “We started to imagine how the principles of the ‘A’ design could be applied to other environments, yet retain the same visual language.” By working with Davis Furniture to broaden the range of possibilities while maintaining aesthetic harmony, the A-Collection was born.

The perfect pairing: the A-Chair and A-Table. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

While the A-Chair was the genesis of the “A” design vocabulary, the A-Table followed suit offering the same distinctive form and design philosophy. The two immediately became a match made in minimalist heaven. With this new addition, the A-Collection’s capabilities expanded deeper into training and conference spaces. Whether in offices, classrooms or boardrooms, the A-Chair and A-Table pair perfectly.

The A-Lounge and A-Bench feature modern styling that displays pure elegance and comfort. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

Jehs+Laub further extended the breadth of the series when they took the A-Collection’s signature architectural aesthetic and applied it to unique solutions for lounge applications. Through incorporating upholstered molded foam and integrated springs with the iconic “A” base, they elevated the comfort of the modular bench and freestanding lounge while continuing to maintain the collection’s clean, tailored silhouette. The lounge additions look as good as they feel.

The A-Chair is a fitting choice from cafés and classrooms to assembly halls. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

The A-Chair continues to be the anchoring piece in the fully realized, four-piece collection. An ideal multi-purpose chair, it is now available with more options than ever including arm and armless versions featuring a plastic or wood veneer seat, resting on an aluminum or plastic base. Its stacking and ganging capabilities allow the design to excel in settings from intimate meetings to large gatherings. This unique, durable chair continues to offer solutions for a broad range of applications and price points.

The A-Table with A-Chairs make up a great working space. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

With its trademark A-frame profile, the A-Table is a great and natural next addition to the A-Collection. Beyond its sleek and modern look, the A-Table is a stackable, easy-to-operate, folding multipurpose table or a stationary conference table. Just like the A-Chair, the table is a highly functional solution for high-volume spaces, from offices to classrooms to cafés.

The A-Bench showing off its curves. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

The classic style of the A-Collection is taken to a modular level with the A-Bench. Eight simple pieces create endless opportunities for bench-style seating with the signature “A” look. Designed to function as a working lounge with an 18” seat height and an upright back, the A-Bench is designed for optimal seating comfort with a sleek, sophisticated design.

A-Lounge adapts the iconic “A” design to freestanding lounge. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture

The A-Lounge, another offering in this cohesive collection, features a comfortable, clean design. A-Lounge combines a well-tailored and precise aesthetic with an extraordinary level of comfort. Adding visual intrigue to any space, this compelling piece meets the A-Collection’s standard of sleek designs with a distinctively modern feeling.

A working lounge outfitted with A-Bench and A-Lounge. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

This collaboration between designer and manufacturer delivers on its promise of creating intelligent products for the 21st century. Jehs+Laub achieved their goal by placing design at the center of every initiative, which makes Davis Furniture an ideal partner. The A-Collection offers a study in minimalism and versatility, giving designers a ‘go to’ option when it comes to creating a lasting impression in any space.

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