December 30, 2014

Designers’ Wish List: 10 Hopes and Dreams for 2015

With 2015 around the corner, we had to ask. What are designers wishing and hoping for in the year ahead? So we came up with a Designers’ Wish List. From the big firms to the small and the big dreams to the small, you’ll find the wishes of 10 interior designers here. 

1. “I must say that I am extremely grateful for this busy year, but if I had one wish it’d definitely be for a BIGGER studio so that my helper elves and I may spread out and have the occasional dance party.”

—Thomas Altamirano, founder, Studio Alta

2. “In 2015 I want to buy a house so that I can have a Christmas tree that is taller than me!”

—Lauren Foley, interior designer, IA Interior Architects

3. “World peace, an end to global warming, to win a ping-pong tournament with my son, and to design the 2016 Olympics. —David Rockwell, founder, Rockwell Group

4. “Hoping to be taupe-less in 2015… I’m very anti beige!” —Krista Ninivaggi, founder, K&Co

5. “My wish for 2015 is to continue making Mancini-Duffy one of the most innovative design firms in our industry through honest communication, common sense, and a great culture.”

—Christian Giordano, president, Mancini-Duffy

6. “I wish for balance, personally and globally.”

—Carolyn Baross, design principal, New York, Perkins+Will

7. “Sunglasses: check. Hardhats: check. Passports: check. Now, our wish for 2015: projects in warmer climates! Caribbean clients, here we come!” —Dan Mazzarini, partner, BHDM Design

8. “I wish to partner with artist Olafur Eliasson to create a transformative workplace environment.

Brian Berry, design director and principal, Gensler

9. “Walk more, sit less. This sounds like such a simple goal, until you think about how much we sit during the course of a day. We are smarter, more alert and happier when we are moving. So off I go!”

—Mark Harbick, principal, NBBJ, New York. 

10. “Explore the potential of hospitals, offices and community center design by focusing on beauty and performances in alignment with human needs for purpose, empathy, belonging and self-worth.”

—Edwin Beltran, principal, NBBJ Columbus, Ohio

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